Tristate Sump Pump Geeks



Basement & Crawl Space Dehumidification Installed in Central & Northern NJ & Staten Island, NY

If your basement is showing signs of humidity, such as the appearance of mold colonies or a feeling of dampness in the air, it would be a good idea to have a good dehumidifier up and running.


The Sump Pump Geeks can provide and install high-grade dehumidifiers to clear up the air your family breathes.


State-Of-The-Art Dehumidifiers for Clean & Dry Air

The dehumidifiers provided by the Sump Pump Geeks are powerful machines, capable of clearing your air to ideal levels of humidity. The simple act of breathing could be a pleasant experience when air is this clean.


Our dehumidifiers are also capable of turning on and off according to necessity, thus saving money in electricity bills.

Benefits of Tri-State Sump Pump Geeks Dehumidifiers

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Count on Tri-State Sump Pump Geeks for a Cleaner, Drier & Healthier Home

Breathe fresh, healthy air, clear of humidity and mold spores. The dehumidifiers provided by the Sump Pump Geeks are powerful enough to turn a damp, moldy and unpleasant basement into a clean, fresh space you could sleep in if you wanted to.